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2017 Journals    ISSN 2167-1273

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Q4_2017 pdf file (667KB)

Q3_2017 pdf file   (708KB)

  • Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Afterburning of Thermobaric Explosives
  • A non-orthogonal material model of woven composites in the preforming process
  • Conversion between FLD and Stress Triaxial Limit Curve
  • Best Fit GUI for Metal Forming in LS-PrePost® 4.5

Q2 2017 pdf file   New features of 3D adaptivity &
    Defining Hardening Curve, Mesh Fusion, RVE, Sandwich
    Structure Part Adaptivity, Inflator Models

 Q1 2017 pdf file  Lancing, SPG, *Constrained Beam 
    User Subroutine Framework, Thermal Coupling Method