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2018 Journals    ISSN 2167-1273

Q4 - 2018
ICFD: Summary of Recent and Future Developments
Investigating the Post Processing of LS-DYNA® in a Fully Immersive Workflow Environment
The Investigation of Parachute Suspension Line Fluid-Structure Interactions using LS-DYNA® ICFD

Q3 - 2018
On Mesh Fusion Scheme in LS-DYNA®
A One Step Simulation Approach Using Isogeometric....
Two material model updates relating to temperature....
Development of a One-Step Preforming Analysis....

Q2 - 2018
Modeling of Ductile Failure ...
LS-DYNA®’s Linear Solver Development (1), (2)

Q1 - 2018
Impact Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Walls Using LS-DYNA: Application to Impact of Wind-Blown Vehicles due to Tornadoes, Manoj Madurapperuma and Kazukuni Niwa
Terrabyte Corporation, Japan