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2019 Journals    ISSN 2167-1273

Q4 - 2019

  1. One-step Method for Tri-axial Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites in LS-DYNA®

  2. Multiscale Simulations of Material with Heterogeneous Structures Based on Representative Volume Element Techniques

  3. Sheet metal forming simulation with IGA in LS-DYNA®


Q3 - 2019

  1. Cardiac electrophysiology using LS-DYNA 

  2. Structured ALE Solver with Large Models

  3. Latest FE Model Development of THOR-50M Crash Test Dummy

 Q2 - 2019

  1. Parametric and Convergence Studies of the Smoothed Particle Galerkin (SPG) Method in Semi-brittle and Ductile Material Failure Analyses

  2. A peridynamic model for damage prediction of fiber reinforced composite laminate

  3. The Immersed Smoothed Particle Galerkin Method for Material Failure Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Solid Structures

 Q1 - 2019

  1. Classification-based Optimization and Probabilistic Analysis Using LS-OPT®;
  2. DIC-based Full-Field Calibration using LS-OPT®: An Update;
  3. Multi-disciplinary Optimization using LS-DYNA®